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Are you an entrepreneur struggling to share your story?



It’s About Time You Got Noticed


You Have an Amazing Product
But your audience doesn’t care

Are your having a tough time connecting with your audience? Do you talk on for hours about your product yet your customers just don’t get why it’s so valuable? We will find your headline and give you tools to convey the value of your product to your customers.

You’re Pitching to Media Outlets
Editor’s aren’t replying to you

You’re an entrepreneur who has worked hard and put everything on the line to create a product or service. You truly believe in this and we will help you improve pitches so that editors want your headline in their publications.

We want to share your story with the world

Listen, we’re entrepreneurs too. We know blood, sweat, and tears, go into making a product a reality and it’s frustrating when people don’t see it’s value. Let us help you fix this.


What Clients Are Saying

“In just two weeks, I feel like we have a clear strategy and approach for our media pitches. After our consultation with Seema, we’ve also managed to get our products in the hands of international beauty editors!”
— Joyce Tse, Cofounder, Velvette Organics

Dani Katz

“Seema is a powerful and insightful consultant. I appreciate how much thought and care and consideration she gave to my work and to my brand, and how well and how fully she grokked my mission. She came to our session with very clear, very poignant, and very BRILLIANT ideas as to how I can build out my brand, and my site, and my book series.

Seema is a lovely combination of supportive and compassionate and kind, and intelligent and clear and honest. I'm still integrating her fantastic out-of-the-box ideas, and am super excited to continue our collaboration. Seema's clarity, creativity and support is an invaluable tool for writers and authors. Big time.”

Joe Robison

“Seema was incredibly helpful, knowledgable, and enthusiastic in giving me advice on how improve PR efforts for our brand. She shared lots of industry tips and her own stories about what's worked and what hasn't.

Since she's a journalist and editor herself, she has insider knowledge about how those doing PR for a brand can work well with journalists, and how they're mutually beneficial.

I highly recommend reaching out to Seema for a call, you'll love the ideas she shares!”

Edie Lush

“Wow Seema! I really appreciate the effort you put into the call. You came up with some excellent ideas for helping me to promote my book that I can use immediately. Great energy, great enthusiasm, great intellect. Thanks so much!”


Find Your Why

Finding your story is more than just a headline. It becomes a compass for your business and is the foundation of a good business strategy.