Meet The Founder

Seema is a former editor of The Huffington Post and a travel magazine editor. She has over 10 years of experience pitching to media outlets and has been published in Mic, USA Today, WestJet Magazine, and more.

Seema has used her digital expertise to help clients increase revenue and readership. While at The Huffington Post, she was responsible for over one million monthly views. She also helped an in-flight publication reach its most read online article (with a pitch that almost got rejected.)


The Backstory

I visited my grandparents' house during every summer vacation. During hot summer days I would quietly sneak up to the shelf my grandmother stored her recycling on, and steal magazines that I would read while hiding in my room.

I always got into trouble for reading too many magazines (school books were preferred) so it was with a mischievous sense of celebration that I went on to become the editor of a magazine. From running a digital publication (The Huffington Post Alberta) to writing for publications across the country, the common theme in my work has always been my love for stories. Today, I am a matchmaker of stories. I help entrepreneurs find the right stories to connect with their audience. I also help them lead with a story that will catch an editor's attention.

Content Celebrity is Born

Content Celebrity was born after dozens of writers and entrepreneurs kept getting value from coaching calls I offered. I was frustrated to see creative entrepreneurs who had a lot of value to add not getting the traction they deserved. I decided there was a need to tell their stories better to help them become content (and connection) celebrities.

Getting into more trouble at my grandma’s house.

Getting into more trouble at my grandma’s house.