Seema literally helped me find my headline — to connect my upbringing with my passion to help corporate leaders solve specific problems. I had NEVER seen things the way she helped me see them and now realize I’m better qualified to do what I’ll do than almost anybody in the profession!
— Dahna Chandler, United States

In just two weeks, I feel like we have a clear strategy and approach for our media pitches. After our consultation with Seema, we’ve also managed to get our products in the hands of international beauty editors!
— Joyce Tse, Cofounder, Velvette Organics
Seema is and was amazing. I wasn’t sure where this call could go and what she could do for us, I was nervous about what we had, but she helped extract the best parts of our business and told us what we could work with and HOW we could make it work. I learned a LOT from here, and she’s very authentic and really committed to each person she speaks to which makes everything 10 times better. Would heartily recommend her for anyone needing some exposure for their business or brand. A+++
— Khuram Malik

Seema was incredibly helpful, knowledgable, and enthusiastic in giving me advice on how improve PR efforts for our brand. She shared lots of industry tips and her own stories about what’s worked and what hasn’t.

Since she’s a journalist and editor herself, she has insider knowledge about how those doing PR for a brand can work well with journalists, and how they’re mutually beneficial.

I highly recommend reaching out to Seema for a call, you’ll love the ideas she shares!
— Joe Robison, United States

Wow Seema! I really appreciate the effort you put into the call. You came up with some excellent ideas for helping me to promote my book that I can use immediately. Great energy, great enthusiasm, great intellect. Thanks so much!
— Edie Lush, United Kingdom

Seema definitely knows her stuff. She is knowledgeable, easy to talk to and great at explaining things. I highly recommend her and can’t wait to talk to her in the future. The service she provides is excellent and very professional.
— Elena Nikolova

Had a great call with Seema - she gave me some very practical and useful tips that I can take action on immediately! Enjoyed speaking to her and looking forward to working with her in the near future.
— Mohammed Faris, United States