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Have you been freelancing for a few years and brainstorm ideas on how to go big? May be you specialize in a specific topic, write that book, or launch your publication.

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ME TOO. I have been a freelance writer for over ten years and have written for: USA TODAY, Mic, Uber, Touring Bird by Google, WestJet Magazine, and The Huffington Post, where I was an editor.

I understand the struggles of an independent writer and meet them at a junction where they’re looking to take the next big step in their career.

Gain Clarity About Goals -> Define Your Purpose -> Pick a Project -> Expertise to Help You Meet Goal

The time is NOW

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Projected Half A Million Revenue Increase
— 2018 Client, For a Website Guidebook I built
1.4 Million Monthly Views
— As an Editor, The Huffington Post
Most Read Digital Article
— WestJet Magazine, 2012